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Full EQC Course: Essentials plus AFH Administration

EQC Essentials runs Jan. 3rd - 17th and Adult Foster Home (AFH) Administration runs Jan. 24th - Feb. 7th.The full EQC course is for future licensees/co-licensees and administrators.

  • Required for future licensees/co-licensees and administrators

  • EQC Essentials is approximately 30 hours

  • Must pass EQC essentials exam to take AFH Administration

  • AFH Administration is approximately 18 hours

  • Must pass the AFH Administration exam with 80%

  • Students can have access to course materials and the online classroom for a limited time even after the course ends

EQC Essentials Only

EQC Essentials only runs Jan. 3rd - 17th. For future resident managers and shift caregivers.

  • EQC Essentials only is required for all future resident managers and shift caregivers

  • Approximately 30 hours

  • Must past a proctored exam with a score of at least 80%

  • Students can have access to course materials and the online classroom for a limited time even after the course ends

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What our students are saying

Excellent Course

April 2021 EQC Essentials Student

Excellent course and excellent instructors.

Learned A Lot

April 2021 EQC Essentials Student

I learned a lot from [this course] and the instructors are nice, knowledgeable and easy to understand. Thank you very much for what you've taught to us.

A wonderful journey

February 2019 EQC Student

It has been a wonderful journey. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping me on this journey.

Great learning experience

April 2019 EQC Student

It was a great learning experience. I will definitely recommend for whoever is looking to take this class.

Gained knowledge & confidence

April 2019 EQC Student

I gained so much knowledge and confidence with Alyssa and Tracey's teaching. It was a great experience. They were welcoming, warm and supportive in our learning and answered all questions in depth. And they gave information on what else we need to do as well as furthering our education.

Your passion shows

Sept. 2019 EQC Student

I think you guys are great and really passionate about what you do and it shows.

Supportive Instructors

Sept. 2019 EQC Student

You did well on keeping me on track and assuring me when I felt I wouldn't get course completed. It helped to have the material to view at my pace.


February 2019 EQC Student

The course is great, the information, the techniques by teachers was easy to understand and motivating.

Keep it up!

June 2019 EQC Student

From the bottom of my heart, you guys did a wonderful job. Keep it up!

Meet the Instructors

Lead Instructor

Alyssa Elting McGuire, MA, MPA

Alyssa's passion is helping adult care home staff connect their learning to real world experiences. Alyssa is the consulting and training director for Oregon Care Home Consulting & Training, which she founded in 2018. She is a former lead adult foster home licensor for Washington and Columbia Counties and spent eight years working in adult foster homes in both a regulatory and protective services capacity with the State of Oregon. Alyssa also worked as a program manager for the Alzheimer's Association Oregon & SW Washington Chapter, where she facilitated dementia training around the state. Alyssa holds a graduate degree in public administration & management from the University of Nebraska, and a graduate degree in educational leadership (adult education & training) from Portland State. Additionally, she has a gerontology-focused certificate of completion from the Univ. of Southern California. She is a State-certified Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) instructor.


  • What is Ensuring Quality Care (EQC)?

    Starting April 2021, Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) will be a two-part training required by the State of Oregon for all prospective adult foster home licensees, administrators, resident managers, floating resident managers, and shift caregivers looking to open or work in a home licensed through Aging & People with Disabilities (APD). Prospective licensees, resident managers, and shift caregivers are required to complete the course, in full, and pass the EQC exam for parts 1 and 2.

  • When does the course start?

    EQC Essentials starts January 3rd and runs through January 17th. AFH Administration starts January 24th and runs through February 7th.

  • I have an urgent need for EQC, can you help me?

    We want to help you become or stay in compliance, so we will soon be offering Part 1: EQC Essentials an urgent, online EQC option outside our regularly-scheduled course. Please contact us at regarding urgent requests.

  • Is your course recognized by all counties in the state of Oregon?

    Yes, Ensuring Quality Care is taught by State-certified instructors, and completion of the course and exam is recognized by all counties in Oregon. Multnomah County has additional requirements, so contact Multnomah County licensing at 503-988-3000 for more information.

  • Do I need to take the required Adult Foster Home Orientation before I take EQC?

    We strongly encourage you to take the required Adult Foster Home Orientation prior to taking EQC. Orientation is offered through your local licensing office. You will take the orientation through the county in which you will be opening your home or becoming a resident manager. Some local licensing offices have different expectations regarding orientation and EQC, so please contact your local licensing office to get clarification on their requirements.

  • Can I take just the EQC exam?

    Both the course and exam are required for licensing. You can only take the EQC exam if you have successfully completed an EQC course within the past 90 days of the exam date.

  • What if I don't pass the EQC exam?

    Fortunately, our students have a very high pass rate. In our last three classes, 90% of the students who took the exam with us passed, and our median student score is 91%. We work with you throughout the course to review the material and answer questions to make sure you know the content well. If you do not pass the exam on the first attempt, you have up to 90 days to re-take the exam. If you do not pass a second time, you will be required to re-take the course.